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The London-based company founded by Brett Harding and Laurence Holloway also won Best Singles Party.

Guardian Soulmates won Daters’ Favourite Website and Best Dating Related Advert.

If you cancel your subscription within the 14 day cancellation period as described above, Guardian will refund you a pro-rata amount of the subscription fee for the unused period of your subscription.

However, as you agreed for the Soulmates service to commence during the cancellation period, you will still be required to pay a subscription fee for the period of your subscription until you communicated to us your cancellation, (excluding any free trial period where no payment was taken) and Guardian will therefore not refund you for that portion of your subscription.

To see your subscription details, go to Your subscription status.

This will show the date and amount of your last and next payments. Like most dating services we will automatically take monthly payments.

To exercise the right to cancel a subscription purchased through the Soulmates Website during the 14 day cancellation period referred to in the paragraph above, you must inform us (Guardian News & Media Limited, PO Box 68164, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1P 2AP, [email protected]), of your decision to cancel by a clear statement (e.g. You may use our contact form, but it is not obligatory.

' Global_Gadabout duly freaks out, for she has been wronged. ' she wails, with all the thwarted melodrama of Jane Eyre discovering Rochester has a mad wife in the attic. Even when they like their dates, they are insufferable.

I’m on set at a Zombie-Valentine-themed boutique lingerie shoot (don’t ask) chatting to long-term single, serial-dating model Melis*.

She’s tried pretty much every mainstream online site going, but confesses that she isn’t really looking for love.“It’s more like a game of snap” she tells me.

Although not present, Tinder were awarded an honorary Trailblazer award, for “the dramatic effect which the application has had on the dating industry over the past 18 months.” Other winners were London startup True View, who won Newcomer App of the Year and Christian Connection, who were awarded Religious Dating Site of the Year.

Newcomer Website of the Year was given to Inner Circle, who also came away with Best London Dating Event.

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