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His expertise includes EU and EEA law; Swiss contract and company law; European and Swiss competition and intellectual property law; and dispute resolution.

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He has held chairs at a number of universities in Germany and Switzerland – latterly at the University of St Gallen, where he is Director of the Competence Center for European and International Law.

He has consulted widely for governments and international organisations.

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If any teams are still tied, they are ranked according to their plus/minus ratio in their head-to-head games.

Tsao's music renews the idea of the lyric in contemporary music that becomes fractured, damaged, multi-perspective, complex and problematized in order to negotiate the complexities of the surrounding world.

His music constitutes an example of the “speculative turn” in music composition that posits possible worlds as a counterpoint to our contemporary understanding of place, where musical lyricism is sensitive to relations between human impact and presence in the more-than-human world.

If any teams are still tied, they are ranked according to their overall plus/minus ratio.

Head-to-head statistics only appear in the standings for those teams for which it is relevant (i.e., teams who are tied by winning percentage, and who have faced each other head-to-head).

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