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Look also at the length of the skirt – the timeline below briefly illustrates skirt styles and lengths from the 1930s to early 60s.Zippers & Closures Metal zippers were first used in garments in the 1930s, but during that era they were rare.A generation emerged suspicious of the government, rejecting the conformist values of Cold War America and demanding cultural and social change.Breaking with the confines of the past, the Summer of Love brought with it a new sartorial silhouette.Labels The label can be full of clues as to an item’s age, making it your go-to when dating vintage.Searching for vintage clothing is just as fun as wearing the retro finds. For Spring / Summer 2017, we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, its youthful optimism and freewheeling legacy.SHOP MEN SHOP WOMEN The summer of ’67 was a defining moment of the 1960s as the San Francisco counterculture movement came into public awareness.

The placement of the zip can also help – 1930s-1940s dressers usually had a zip in the side seam, whereas dresses from the 50s onwards favoured a placement at the centre back.We pore over every last stitch to ensure each style remains as relevant and style-forward now as it was back then.The most important aspect of vintage clothing is being able to identify how old an article of clothing is.Dizzy Dreamer started out with my exploding closet of vintage threads.However, to run a vintage clothing shop, I had to learn a thing or two about vintage clothes.

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