Who is james franco dating 2016

You can't use as an excuse for your late night hang out sessions anymore, guys.

We think you have SERIOUS some explaining to do and PRONTO! Tags: ashley benson, ashley benson dating rumors, james franco, james franco girlfriend, james franco spoof, love you like a love song, selena gomez, video Fifth Harmony should know better!

n the basement of a crumbling old mansion in Los Angeles, two women dressed in 19th-century garb are beating each other senseless.

One wears a white blouse with lace detailing; the other, a black frock and a gloppy stripe of blood down her face.

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That’s exactly what I was doing and I had to really adjust my relationship to work. I’m sure, like anything you’re addicted to, letting that go is difficult because it’s a coping mechanism to make you feel good. When I finally did wake up, I was completely isolated, emotionally, from everyone around me.The actor has been single since 2011 and his last known relationship was with Ahna O'Reilly.After that, he was romantically linked to several women including Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Benson, Emilia Clarke, Erin Johnson and Lana Del Rey.They brawl in a stone-walled chamber, as gamblers in waistcoats and top hats cheer them on, like .In a makeshift dressing room directly above them, James Franco hears the ruckus through the floorboards and smiles as a young woman combs pomade into his hair.

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